100 Things (At a Leisurely Pace)



A short, simple piece to get the ball rolling, written whilst sitting on the grass within sight of Stonehenge and inspired by the incredibly tame crows loitering about like they owned the place...

which they probably do:



Come to the temple on of the hill
And find a spot on the ground to sit.
Sit there at ease, wait patiently till
A whispering crow to your shoulder flits.



Hand him the meat which you surely have brought
And he'll whisper such secrets to you,
But woe indeed if you've brought him naught
For your 
eyes he'll then pluck from you.


For good or ill I've tried making a trailer for my Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/RichardlyPaulishness/)  with some sample readings of poem-tales which can be found on this website. I had to condense the thing more than I'd have liked due to Facebook's length requirements, and I think the quality suffers in turn, so in due course I'll do a longer and better version for YouTube.


Resorting to a pre-existing thing today as time's against me and I have a headache. Tis the Fantasy Map Making Tutorial from the Crafts page.



My documents folder is such a mess that I'll occasionally find prose and poetry left lying around for months, like this one below. Something for the Onisimith, when time and inclination permits.


The Soul Taker's Blade


Sharpened amethyst in hilt of clay
A soul-taker's knife is forged this way.
Drawn o'er dead flesh, plunged in dead hearts,
So the soul within is bidden depart.


Collecting the stains from opened veins
The sensitive soul must flee the blade,
Straight to the snare which lies in the heart,
This is the soul-takers crimson art.


Till moonrise comes, a pinioned soul
Abides in peace in crystal.
Then moonlight shows the final road
And away to its fate it goes.


Another body is then carried through,
For the soul-taker's work is never through.


A crude rendition of an as-yet-unnamed citadel, twice the size of Jupiter at least, in which the myriad armies of the multiverse, drawn to the banner of the Divine Artisan Allyahredd, sail to war again the Sea of Nothing.


The original sixth thing was foolish, so here's something else, a redesigned United Kingdom for use in a future story... maybe.


One of my dozens of whimsical books. Painted milliput,

fake leather and a gemstone set in the top right corner.


Something a little more random, Brief and blurry footage from the 2012 Battle of Britain memorial flight at Duxford.


Sure, let's take the half-mad deserter and put him in charge of the planetary defenses. Great idea. (From All Merrily Through Hell Together.)


Cheating a bit with this one, but it is a thing and thus is as good a thing for the list of things as ever a thing could be. (Thing.) For more details, click the image.

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