Welcome to Skaldsilver Inn
Atop a rock, betwixt the planes;
Round the roof realities spin
But past the door, the inn's all sane.
Come in from out the cold of nowhere
Warmth and rest await within,
Grab a stein to swiftly drain
And watch a show to make you grin.

When a full moon lights the night
worlds round which a moon does turn,
Our inn falls in that world's 
And that of eager travelers.
Perhaps you'll journey to our door
And find a thing here to delight;
Haunting songs from realms afar,
Tales of love or cheer or plight.

Travel will likely leave you starving,
Fret ye not, our kitchen's near;
Princely fare not long for serving,
Food from countless realms comes here.
Recipes we'll gladly share,
For any dish that's to your liking
And with each full moon give an ear
For dishes new-found and exciting

Lastly, there's the market stand
Where pedlars and adventurers
Sell the craftings of their hands
And otherworldly treasures.
Perhaps you've items of your own?
Perhaps a shop in your own land?
Maybe here 
there's customers,
Maybe here lies fresh demand.

A night of cheer is here for you,
Good company and revelry;
So watch the skies and track the moon
And to our door through world-ways weave.
Atop a rock, betwixt the planes,
Skaldsilver Inn we hope you'll choose,
Patrons we much long to see,
To strengthen and receive the muse.