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Welcome to the Spinnerling's Bonfire, a place of free advertising for eclectic creators and creations of all kinds. Anything and everything creative is welcome here; stories, poetry, artwork, animations, film, audio dramas, recipes, a link to a house insurance commercial for which you were the lighting technician, demo reels, let's plays, reviews, crafts, cosplay tutorials, music, taxidermy, topiary, games. The list goes on. Have you baked a particularly magnificent batch of blueberry muffins and feel like boasting? Have photos of the deed uploaded to Spinnerlings that all may bask in the majesty you've wrought.


The gist is this: If you email me at with any pertinent details about your project, I’ll in turn upload it to the Spinnerlings’ website and Facebook group (link below), in due course creating a (reasonably orderly and categorized) collection of hosted projects of all kinds. If you in turn spread the word of Spinnerlings on social media, in theory we can develop a good collection of advertised works and regular viewers come to see what’s to be seen, who may become customers for some with even more luck.


Common-sense rules of decency apply to anything submitted. Anything racist, sexist, excessively violent, stolen and so on will be denied.

That said, if your work happens to be NSFW, I can still link to it externally along with any relevant warnings about language, nudity or whatnot.


The Spinnerling's Bonfire makes no claim of ownership on anything we host. In essence we're just a large, online public pin-board.

No apologies are made for apostrophe confusion. Sometimes it's Spinnerling's, sometimes Spinnerlings'. So it goes.

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Here's our Facebook group as well, where you can see the most recent submissions

as they come


Please note, the categories shown here are by no means the only things uploaded to the Spinnerlings' Bonfire and the list is continually being updated. Don't see anything like your own creations here? All the more reason to submit them.

Very early days at the moment so there's not much to be found. Keep checking back however cause that will surely change soon