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That shall be enough. The tiresome ramblings of a displaced demon shall trouble you no further, I’ve severed his connection to you, and what came before is reduced to words and pictures and noise, rest assured.


The important thing in this drama is that you were able to make a grim choice, aided by considerable distance, needless to say, but a choice nonetheless. Do not lament for the fate of the world you’ve unleashed the demon upon, in truth it was doomed from the instant he tunnelled his way there. The beast he fled from saw where he went and shall follow him in short order, and consume the world, then the solar system and eventually that entire dimension.


As I’ve mentioned before in my interruptions, I’ll not name this beast. To name it is to draw its eye, not to your world, that is not enough to demand its hungry attention for many centuries yet, your world and much of your reality is too drab and distant compared to the one that falls to the Demon even as you read this. It is not worth the enemy’s effort.


No, to name it would draw its attention to me, and through me the hidden libraries and archives stored in quiet corners of the multiverse. These are the tales of last stands, records of forgotten peoples and forgotten Gods and Goddesses and powers beyond naming. These are the magics and technologies and achievements consumed as everything is consumed by the monster which plagues all creation. These are the morsels we’ve plucked from its mouth, that its feasts might be ever so slightly incomplete.


We will need your world, we will need it to store the innumerable records we collect. You’ll learn more of this soon.

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