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Greetings. Come in, come out of the cold and have a seat. Be welcome  to the Wolfwine Hall, stay a moment and I'll tell you just what this place is.

Put simply, it is a community dedicated to the sharing of creative undertakings, in whatever form that might take. Stories, poems, video, artwork, songs, recipes, anything you wish. Any of our members may swing by as they please and enjoy what new nifty things have been uploaded, or share something of their own. In time, as our numbers and contributions grow, it'll be a place to stop by regularly and enjoy some new work of niftiness.

If you'd join the regulars of the Wolfwine Hall, click here:



Be aware, there are a few commonsense rules to consider if you do seek to join.

1) Creative criticism is encouraged; civil disagreements are fine; abrasive, abusive or generally swinish behaviour will get you kicked out in short order.

2) Whilst posts are expected to be predominantly relevant to the point and purpose of the group, at heart this shall be a friendly and easy going community so, to that end, if you wish to announce accomplishments, bemoan the death of favourite characters from Game of Thrones, share pictures of a chestnut you think resembles Stephen King or anything like that, feel free.


3) Self promotion is fine, just so long as you don't bury the feed in it or spam other people's comment sections with it.


4) If your work happens to be NSFW, kindly provide an external link to it in the group and explain what potential viewers might need to be aware of.


5) Anything uploaded which is racist, sexist, anti-lgbt or else overtly and purposefully offensive shall be deleted and the uploader cast out.


6) There shall be a limit to the number of people allowed to join the group, just so we don't get overwhelmed with content to the extent that people's submissions are buried before they can be seen. Unless experience suggest a better number, this will be 300 people. No more, no less. If anyone leaves another prospective member may enter.

Storyteller, writer, narrative poet, amateur audio engineer (I'm required to put these somewhere for SEO purposes.)

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Examples of Contributions

The Black Dog Chronicles

'Narration of favourite science-fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense short stories, as well as original content. '

One of many quality examples can be found here, the rest can be found by clicking here.

Facebook: here

Narration by Huw Carr

Production, sound design and editing by Brenden James

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