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A Watchful Shadow of Allyahredd

A portrait of one of the eponymous Shadows of Allyahredd, who travel the multiverse and gather stories from worlds doomed to be devoured by the Void, preserving some piece of their history in secret libraries, so that something may at least survive.

To see one such library, albeit a small one, click here.

rmepaul mask

The Choir of the Wraiths

A hellish existence reserved for those who side with the Void in its quest to destroy all that exists. Should these fools be taken intact by the supplicants or allies of the Pain God Galvagaith, they'll spend eternity screaming in unimaginable, unprecedented anguish.

As for the bleeding castle, that is a macabre monument to the lives and worlds ended by such traitors.


The Dungeon Tree

Writing a poem in oil paint is a lot harder than it looks. Anyway, this scraggly work of scribbles rather speaks for itself I dare say. At least I hope it does cause I've long since forgotten the backstory for it.


Calico Station

Orbital station of Planet Calico, Homeworld of Clan Rackham from 'All Merrily Through Hell Together'


Flesh-Work Pit

'Yet the Dark Lord cared little for the cost,

Considering he'd five hundred humans ta'en

And swiftly borne to the flesh-work pits and tossed

Therein to be quickly and foully remade.'

A creation of the Torth-Viesh in his younger, viler days. The flesh work pits were where human captives were taken in chains to be brutally remade into the cursed, predatory, carnivorous Vieshkryll.

When the Void was revealed and the kingdom of Tahmath Shalvakryne arose, they became a true necessity rather than a sadistic indulgence.


Desolation of sorts

Inspired by a random, minimalist city-scape I saw... this happened.


Blood Moon

Not much to say about this one. A friend of mine mentioned a blood moon and this followed during one weekday evening.



A pencil sketch, edited in GIMP to produce the following hellscapes.

Gher Base.jpg
Beastling C.png


I never feel quite right if I'm too far from the coast, personally. This is an image begun in MSPaint and finished with GIMP

Full sized version here:


Galvgrakath Forest

A delightful place for hiking and picnics... if you're mad.

Full sized version here:

City Scene.png

The City at Night

Unconsciously inspired (probably) by 90's adventure games.

Full sized version here:


The Black Scroll of the
Nameless World

Something from the War of the Sea of Nothing, made by one of the

Torth-Viesh's new subjects following the razing of the False Heaven

and the evacuation of the doomed world that may never be named more

than once.

This, in its way, tells the tale of the long death of that world, and the wars

and travesties that ensued upon its ending.

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