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A recently discovered whimsy of mine. More to come, I suspect.


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Choir of the Wraiths.gif
Astyrian Sigil.gif
Crude banner.gif

A humble flickermajig, made from a crude, early painting of mine depicting the Chorus of the Wraiths from the 'War of the Sea of Nothing'. (Hell, in other words)

This lyric sheet will tell the story of the chorus a bit more, if you're interested.

The curiously flame-resistant banner of House Astyrian, last of the ancient Vampire clans from 'All Merrily Through Hell Together'.

Err... the King's banner appears to be feeling unwell.

This is the banner of the Torth-Viesh Himself, one more from 'War of the Sea of Nothing'.

Some days are more productive than others.

The Narrator. Not sure what he's narrating but there he is.

Leviathan Shield1.gif

The Leviathan Shield. On an evening where I'd originally intended to write, I wound up making this eldritch curio instead.


The Vigil Stars; the ever growing realm of star-systems linked together into the shape of the realm's own sigil by the Storyteller Goddess Allyahredd.

Sword in Orbit a.gif

The sword in the stone, in orbit, on a hovering asteroid.

We three - Copy (2).gif

Beneath the moon to summon the sunlight,

One path at its end, ascension's in sight,

Let us greet the dawn at the end of this night

For Hell has grown weak and so have its chains

And we've grown strong enough to shake its bane,

Millennia of violation end tonight.

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