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I'm rather fond of these.

Wulthsig and Aengifu.png

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Wulthsig and Aengifu

After a war lasting centuries, the two battered and brutalized nations of Sprenheim and Brotonheim stumbled into an uneasy peace, which was to be further solidified by the marriage of Wulthsig, the most eligible (of the surviving) Broton noble-born bachelors, to Aengifu, the available third daughter of a Sprenheim Lord. Neither bride nor groom was any more optimistic about their union than they were of an enduring peace between their nations, but for the sake of that desperately needed peace, they had to try.

Two young people so committed to their people and so nobly sacrificial might discover that they have more in common, and are more compatible, than they expected. You never know.

Stock art used includes:

Snow Elf #6 by Liancary-art /

Premade Magma and Cracked Earth Stock by KateBloomfield /

Perspective 03 by LadyxBoleyn /

To the Last Heartbeatb.png

To the Last Heartbeat

Yet one more example of the most common story in those corners of the multiverse that have encountered the Feasting Void.

Stock used in this image include:

Barbarian Warrior J - 7 by Marcus Ranum (

Fire Stock by TeapotMysteries :

The Betrothed.png

The Betrothed

One of my first poetic images, this is the cautionary tale of why you should stay away from two eldritch horrors who do unspeakable things to sailors.


A Pound on the Pavement

I wish I could remember what inspired the notion of: 'Find a stray coin on the pavement and wind up exchanging souls with someone.' Alas as is often the case with inspiration, it strikes then vanishes forever.

I miss the old pound coins, they were far classier.


If You Must Walk

Bit gloomy this one, with some unwitting parallels to Covid-19 and the subsequent fall of society, or thereabouts.

My work isn't always this negative. Usually, but not always.

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