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Still much more to learn and improve upon, but here are the animations I've managed to twist together thus far:

Fan Made Wing Commander Cinematic

I've always wanted to make one of these; this is my version of the in game cinematics from the first Wing Commander game. Suffice it

to say that in the scene below, the good guys showed up and expressed their displeasure to the enemy.

Wing Commander is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, this video is for entertainment purposes only, no copyright violation is intended.

ANOTHER Fan Made Wing Commander Cinematic

You have to work your way up to original content, mostly because the audience is unlikely to pay it attention. Anyway, here we have a

briefing done in the old WC style. The story here is of a Confederation Exeter class destroyer, the TCS Tengu fleeing from a pursuing Kilrathi strike force. If they can link up with the TCS Vigil, another Exeter, they might just be able to overcome the pursuing fighters and possibly even strike back against their carrier.

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