An eclectic collection of my creations, with more to follow.

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The Heart of the Moonspire

A board game of my own design, featuring fiendish challenges, a curiously deep fantasy story line, and unresolvable moral paradoxes. Enjoy!


The Demon's Path

From the Accounts of the War with the Sea of Nothing:


A young man has spent weeks plagued by nightmares, each night they grow worse, showing a hellish underworld one moment, and an all-consuming silence the next. Eventually, there comes a morning wakes up outside in the wilderness with nowhere to go but forwards.




A card game for two players, here the fairer aspects of life are pitted against the foul in a contest for dominance, and the victor may take the very soul of the loser for a day... ok, maybe not.


Brother Twing's Overly Dramatic Riddles

Peculiar riddles to amuse and confound.