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Schemes and Services

As the odd name implies, here are schemes I've devised which will hopefully prove to be of service to passersby.

Go Team

The Coterie Project

Something I devised to help writers (or filmmakers or singers or poets and so forth) produce consistent output, make friends, gain and give feedback and grow their audience.


Four string Violin

Tavern Songs

One for authors and any creative persons who might benefit from a narrative poem or tavern song to accompany their work, or else just as a nifty souvenir. The setup is simple enough, someone provides me with the relevant details of their project, characters, worldly events, etc. and I write an appropriate song about it. (Bawdiness optional) Examples within.


The Creed

Easily ignorable good advice. Have a read and see if anything proves useful.

Writing Music

Songs (Lyric Sheets)

Songs I've twisted together, all are for the taking so long as proper credit is given, and you let me know if you use one (my email address can be found on each of the sheets). Sadly, I'm by no means a musician and can only provide the lyrics.

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