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Something from yester-years that I can sadly no longer continue. 4th Starveling Audio once produced amateur audio dramas, mostly fan productions for Star Trek and Wing Commander, with some original works as well. All we produced can be found below.


Inspired by an uncountable number of childhood days sat before an ancient Amiga 600 (which has since melted), shooting at giant space tigers. Wing Commander - Defiant Few is a free, fan made audio series focusing on the war between the Terran Confederation and the alien insect creatures known only as the Nephilim.


The ever uneasy peace of Gemini sector is destroyed when the Nephilim begin a full scale invasion, with their first target being Perry Naval Base. It is left to Admiral Sandra Goodin and the piecemeal forces at her command to stop the considerably larger alien armada and safeguard the lives of the millions of civilians in Gemini.

(Wing Commander is a registered trademark of Origin systems.)


WC - Defiant Few Sample - 4thSA
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So You Know...

Bids the Soul to doff the flesh,

Endless torment e're afresh,

Hope and cheer forever threshed

When in the shadowed hands enmeshed.

So You See...

Bids the Soul to shed the skin,

Bids the meat to step within,

Plead in vain, your steps won't cease,

Your future filled with shrieks awaits.,

Your doom begins. Your doom begins.

'So' Sample - 4thSA
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Witch's Angel

A sadly doomed project, laid low by circumstance, peculiar disappearances and mistakes made in terms of casting. (No, I don't mean you... and not you either.) 

Set in a post apocalyptic, Dark ages reminiscent world where Demons have been unleashed on the Earth and humanity only endures in fortified cities. This is the story of the undead Baron Graig Murwin and his city Witch's Angel, which for years has eeked out as good an existence as can be managed in the new world. Like before however, normalcy is soon to be snatched away and Graig and his people shall have to fight to overcome the trials and enemies that league against them.

With's Angel Sample - 4thSA
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Set shortly after the end of the Dominion War, the USS Rembrandt is assigned to a diplomatic mission to the failed Earth Colony on Turkana IV, which is currently under Dominion occupation. What should be a straightforward assignment quickly becomes more complicated and more perilous as the Rembrandt's presence proves to be a catalyst for chaos.

(Star Trek, Tales from the Border is a non-profit, fan made audio production based off on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.
Star Trek is owned by CBS Studios Inc.)

Tales from the Border Sample - 4thSA
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The Voice and the Flute

Now for some whimsy. The Voice and the Flute is a poetic narrative telling the tale of a young hermit girl who is recruited by a flute-playing witch to save the world from the mad machinations of an evil wizard, living within the dread Mt. Witherpin. With little heart for the quest and even less time to learn the Singer-Witch's craft that shall be key to victory, can she and her new friend overcome all adversity and make safe the whole world?

There's also a large Heron.

For something slightly different, take a look at the slivers of the Onisimith:

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