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Slivers of knowledge relating to the War 'gainst the Sea of Nothing; it's nations, legends, heroes, villains and events. All gathered by Ethmerind, former bard and loremaster of Azlir.

Keep an eye open, more shall be added as it becomes available.

Regarding the King Who Sits in the Sea of Nothing

All that is rumoured and suspected (for nothing can be known) of the inconceivable enemy of all that exists, whatever master controls the Void which consumes the multiverse.

(From the Tenehredd) The two recurring legends told by refugees fleeing the Lack regarding the origin of the Sea of Nothing and its King.

Regarding the Torth-Viesh, his Deeds and his Kingdoms

From both the era of 'The First War' in which the young wizard named became the Torth-Viesh, chief bane and horror of his nameless world, and also that of 'The Second War' in which the Torth-Viesh became that fallen world's last sliver of hope.

(From the Tenehredd) The ever growing order of undying soldiers created by the Torth-Viesh to bolster his forces in battles with the Void.

(From the Rallahredd) There is no such thing as a sated Vieshkryl. Pray their dread-father never judges you to be fit only for their stomachs.

Regarding the Vigil-Star

From two unyielding warriors and a single stone keep purloined from the jaws of the Void, grew a nation of refugees and a floating island of innumerable castles taken from half-eaten worlds across the multiverse.

(From the Rallahredd) On the coming of the silent Angelic entity who works tirelessly to provide the soldiers of the Vigil-Star the finest arms and armour from Her fallen, likely Void-taken home.

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