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You can scarcely visit a single page on this site without having one of my peculiar clay faces stare back at you. Here I'll tell the brief tales of some of the more prominent ones and, when it's done, include a tutorial for the construction of grim and gloomy faces.



This is the first mask I ever made, so naturally, I forgot to include a nose and it's downright unwearable. Makes for a good shadow puppet though.

One of my favorites and one of my most frequently used. Got the nose right this time and (inadvertently) wound up with a flayed look which makes it unsuitable for polite society.

First of my 'half-face' masks. Straightforward and mickle of pointy bits.

Nose-Teeth! I don't know why. I think this is one of my creepier masks to date. The random stones jammed into it are 'Dragon's Blood'.

This was one of my better ones I think, but it's a hard one to get a good photo of. (Did that sound convincing.) A Samurai-devil visage (complete with an orange goatee in some cases.)

I'm a great believer in turning mistakes into features and pretending they're what you intended in the first place. This thing was originally symmetrical, but one mandible and horn after another broke off and then, wouldn't you know it, it became the 'Broken Face'... with cloth tentacles.