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Mostly narrative poems, telling tales fantastical and dramatic. PDFs should open in the browser so there's no need to download any to read them. Where applicable there are also links to video readings or accompanying artwork.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, any poem rated 18+ will be on account of violence or graphic content. (I suspect I'm erring on the side of caution with this really, but that might be for the best.)

Relevant credits are in the descriptions of linked YouTube versions of videos where applicable.

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The Shade of


The Knight's Gift

to Me

A man finds an old and ragged cloak hanging from a tree branch. He knows what it is, whom it belongs to, and how unlikely is it he shall survive. (18+)

An ancient guardian takes up his former charge when new life (and new death) enters his domain.

The grim tale of a succubus who snared a young knight, and through him snared a thousand more.

Confederacy Sigil.JPG

Blackhanded Jack the Butcher

Sometimes the

Shadows Bite

For Queen and


One man with one hand, standing against an army marching on his country's capitol city. What could he possibly do? (Be warned, this one gets a little graphic in places) (18+)

An urban legend from the Confederation of Fortune. (18+)

(This poem wound up with multiple titles for some reason.)

Which is better when death is certain? A moment of anguish, or months of slow degradation? This poem covers one man's choice on the matter.

Three Heroes

The Beds of Doctor Kataboskun

The Pain Must


A woman of conscience contrives what kindness she can for those who are beyond hope, which leads to a means of relief in better days for those who are not.


A man whose wife was murdered could never escape his grief, and yet inevitably he must.


A Guest at Molrick Castle



Heirs of the


A Halloween Ghost story

The last words of a man who, with the dawn, must fight for the future of his home, his kin and his Queen.

Three children are sent by their mother into a nightmarish cave to do battle with a murderous demon. (18+)


The Sun Has

No One Else



Nellack and Caleara

A poem about making swords out of bits of bad people. (18+)

Things don't always work out quite the way we'd like them to.

Two scions of noble houses, both facing unbearable futures flee into the woods. Drawn together by the guiding hand of destiny, an adventure lies before them.

New Life

A choice to determine the fate of your soul, with a paltry handful of seconds to make it. Video adjacent. (18+)



A wretched criminal in thrall to evil finds his darker nature shattered by the unexpected love he bears for his newborn daughter. For her he risks everything to be a better man and grant her a good life. If the world were better, that would be the whole story. (18+)

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The Book of Blood, Ghosts and Screams

An invading army has put a city to the torch and its people to the sword. The Prince who oversaw this massacre wishes a suitable memento of the occasion.


The Naked Knight

Something for Halloween (so 18+) This is the tale of the Naked Knight, who covets your skin.

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