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Riddle Samples

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1. Clad in black and clad in white,
    Strutting when not taking flight,
    Cursed curser some may say,
    Their sight bears plight and much dismay.

    Purloining meat or things which shine,
    One's a bastard, two are fine;
    For one drops evil in your life,
    Unless you ask about his wife.

2.  My first is primarily primary,
     My second is the second of seconds,
     My third is the fourth of the two before, not to mention afore,
     My fourth is first to urinate colloquially,
     My fifth is fifth of the six and twenty,
     My sixth boasts the majority of ninnies,
     My seventh at last found itself at the end,
     You see my eighth through those with which you see my eighth,
     My ninth is one third of a cur,
     Trust what you hear, but don't think that you yourself are my tenth,
     My eleventh kills in pairs but disdains to murder,
     My twelfth's a beginning at the end of the encyclopedia
     My last is the final disaster.


     My whole is right, my course runs straight, I shall not swerve, tis not my fate.

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