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The Library

Here are stories from worlds in realities which are either threatened by the Void and its Feasting King, or else already consumed. They are conveyed to you and those like you as best as can be done in this world of yours. More shall be added often for as long as we are able. Check back frequently, remember what you see and hear, and the feasts of the worst enemy in creation shall never be wholly complete.

Clay Blades

Best learn this lesson early, what stories we save will not always represent the best, most noble, most lovely deeds of a world. Often we must be content to take what we can find, and forge tales from whatever chance allows us to see.

Legend of the Five Dragons

The fools deified their own colony ships.

The Wolves' Revenge

As far as we could tell, the events of this tale were nothing more than a happy coincidence. As neck-deep as we are in the literally all-consuming unfairness of reality however, that such justice might simply happen as a fluke of happenstance is hard to credit.

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