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Works Available for Purchase

Published works available for purchase, or else soon to be available, in print or eBook format.

Front Cover of T'he Messenger's Heart' by Richard Paul
The Messenger's Heart

'A tale of young love set on the border of the Faerie.


William Dunn, messenger for Thegn Owain of Connah's Quay, is returning from an undertaking on his Lord's behalf when he finds himself caught in a deadly storm. In desperation, he seeks sanctuary at an inn hidden away in a perilous forest.

During his stay, he discovers secrets both wondrous and disturbing, delightful and dangerous. All discoveries pale, however, in comparison to the innkeeper's daughter Elly. Soon he cannot help but strive for her heart.'


Ebook version available here for free


Print version available here for £3.49




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New (and improved) developemets are currently in the works for the Sea of Nothing series. Details to follow

An ongoing narrative poetry, fantasy series; the accounts from eclectic corners of creation regarding their struggle to survive in the face of the all-consuming 'Void'

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