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Greyscale demonic figure in tricorn hat

The Stories of the Onisimith






Or neither. (Oft told by the grim narrative poet hight the Wraith of Faces)


Details of sounds used and stock images can be found in YouTube description.

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For longer and more traditional audio dramas, have a look at 4th Starveling Audio:

In a pleasant corner of an unassuming country stood a stately house, wherein people and creatures from many unassuming realms throughout the multiverse were taken in chains to be sold as slaves, or meat, or worse.

At least that used to be the case; this is the tale of how the depraved marketplace met with an evil end.

The Toothsome Fall of Tannickbury Hall

Beware the northern ice-clad seas,

Beware the man from shadow hewn.

Of screams beneath the waves take heed

And mark the wrecks where bones are strewn.

The Betrothed
A Pound on the Pavement

If someone else bought your life and soul for a pound, what can be done except buy a replacement?

Eros Endures, Though Eros is Gone

Should emotions betray a person, becoming twisted and harmful, choice may become the only chance for decency to endure.

Second chances do not come to everyone. Anyone lucky enough to be granted one must never waste it.

The Shining Lady's Gift


Part one of five - When a string of disappearances strike the town of Fallcrest, soon numbering in the hundreds, it falls to five adventurers to uncover the reason for these vanishings and rescue whoever they can... but as these things go, the stakes are higher than they can foresee, and the evil they'll face beyond imagination and beyond number.

Feast if They Fail (Part One)
Feast if They Fail (Part Two)



The quest to save Fallcrest is taken up, but the foe wastes no time in striving to end it and the heroes with it before it can truly begin.

Lost to the Woods

A mouse has little say in what is to come when it's seized by an owl's talons. Why should you be any different?

Some will, inevitably, choose wrong

The Shrieking Ship of Cowards
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