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The Confederation of Fortune; thousands of years ago it was the name of a rebellion against an oppressive, corporate-run regime of exploitation and slavery in the outer reaches of human-occupied space. Inspired by a doubtless romanticized view of the golden age of piracy, the Confederacy sought to strike back against the wealthy swine who stole the resources of their homeworlds and worked their families to death to do so.

Thousands of years since those all but forgotten times and the Confederation of Fortune is now the last remaining free nation of humanity, revering the pirate exemplars of the Golden Age, whom they have named 'The Fell Saints', the Confederation now fights a terrible war against an alien species called the Velnibeth, who have conquered Earth and every non-Confederate, human-settled world. Rightly or wrongly, the Confederation stayed out of the war when the aliens invaded the holdings of their enemies, but now they stand alone as the Velnibeth come seeking their annihilation, for no other reason than that they grave the satisfaction they take from genocide.


There is more to tell, much more, of ancient monsters returning to mortal sight, of the magic of old fused with the technology of the future, of the patronage of alien Devils, of the war's end and the quests to follow. Find out more of the story in the free magazines below. There'll also be audio records of poets and storytellers, diagrams of ships, maps, timelines and much else, all in due course.



Audio Records

Fighting Ships


rmepaul Fell Pages Cover

Issue 701 of the Fell Pages, Clan Roberts edition.


Special Feature: Introduction of the FCVT-02 Nephilim heavy fighter and its successful first mission, striking a Velnibeth shipyard.


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