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Fighting Ships

Vessels fair and fell, fine and foul, mundane and numinous or both; all turned to the purpose of war.


Nephilim Fighter

FCVT-02 Nephilim

A joint project of the Confederation of Fortune and their allies of the rebel Velnibeth 'Velrib' tribe, the Nephilim is an experimental heavy fighter employing hybrid technologies and hull materials from both species. Due to the malleable nature of Velnibeth synthetic crystal growth, as well as the inherent Velnibeth dislike for symmetry, no two Nephilim fighters are precisely the same to behold; however careful crystal cultivation allows for an equal distribution of mass and thus a perfectly balanced fighter.

Boasting greater speed and greater armaments than both its strongest human contemporary, the FC-HF09 'Brute' and the Velnibeth 'Ithalaharn', the first Nephilim to see action have already distinguished themselves at the retaking of the 'Revenge' system and also during the raid on the Elibasir shipyards. A customized version of the fighter with upgraded engine capacity to rival even the Unseelie interceptor is rumored to have been produced for the Red Lady, though this cannot currently be confirmed (or denied) by the Admiralty.

- From the Confederate Worlds Info-feed.




Unseelie Fighter

FCI-07 Unseelie Interceptor


'At least you'll die quick.' - Flight Captain Henry Gurdy.

A freakishly quick fighter with only one purpose, to intercept a target and disable it with the titanic 'Vampire' EMP cannon strapped to its hull. To stop this unstable weapon destabilizing and taking the Unseelie out with its ensuing explosion, it can be detached from the fighter along with the tethers securing it to the Unseelie's bow.

Due to the extreme velocity of the craft, even at cruising speed, maneuverability is next to impossible. A strict flight plan must be prearranged and stuck to unflinchingly. The risk of collision or sheering damage in a dogfight or when attempting to evade a pursuer renders the risk of flying the flimsy husk of a ship unacceptable by any reasonable standards. Considering just how desperate the times have become, with the Confederation locked into a war for its very survival against an enemy whose forces badly outnumber its own, the definitions of 'reasonable' and 'unacceptable' required reevaluation. 

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