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What started as an accompanying piece for my book 'What Little We May Do' resulted in one more, than another and many more to come.

Trying to convey a rustic feel to these whilst keeping everything clear and legible. How well I succeed is open to debate.

North Hill and Ultiana from 'What Little We May Do'

Map for 'What Little We May Do' Novel

Something for my latest (at the time of typing) book 'What Little We May Do', Second of the Accounts from the War of the Sea of Nothing.' Check the links below for details on just what that actually means.


Classic coffee stained paper, stitched to an artificial leather background with a painted clay seal attached to it, finally touched up with G.I.M.P.

From the Gods' Green Bridge to the Dragon Lands

Onisimith Map for rmepaul

This map will, when time finally permits, be a reference tool for upcoming Onisimith slivers.


Again stitched to an artificial leather background and touched up with G.I.M.P, I tried to add more details and convey a more thorough landscape with this one, which I think I did, although said landscape came out a little crowded in the process.

Onisimith Narrator

Sprenheim and Brotonheim

Map of Goldshadow (folded)
Map of Sprenheim and Brotonheim (rmepaul)

A colossal island split down the middle by magical means, forming two kingdoms: the orderly Sprenheim and the chaotic Brotonheim, the war between the two is thought to be older than either realm's recorded history.

Stained paper, leather(ish) background, painted borders and string for fastening.


Map of Goldshadow for

A city set against a mountain, made rich by goldmines and slavery. Not the most pleasant of places unless you're wealthy and largely unobservant.

Pulled out a lot of stops for this one, stained paper stitched to a painted artificial leather background with accompanying clay seal and ribbons. Designed to be foldable and portable, something given out to wayfarers and traders by the city.

The Eastern Kingdom

Eastern Kingdom Map

Something more straightforward here, a sliver of a kingdom featured in a fairy tale I'll link to when it's done. A straightforward land of farms, cities, villages, roads and rivers, as well as the Lake of Souls and a haunted wood that's not supposed to be there.

Once again, stained paper stitched to a fake leather background.

Human/Velnibeth Star Chart

Human/Velnibeth Star Chart

 Something a bit different, a chart showing all the previously inhabited) star systems from a potential series of stories where humanity stretched out to the stars, only to be conquered by an alien empire. All that remains of free human civilization is a peculiar theocracy based off of the golden age of piracy.

Stained paper, fake leather background, painted milliput sigils.

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If you'd like to try making your own, here's a downloadable tutorial for making maps as props/artifacts such as you see here.


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