Lyric Sheets

Song lyrics for musical persons. They're free to use on the following conditions:

* Give proper credit if used and link my website in your work's description, wherever it may be.

* Let me know (via email: if you use one of these.

NOTE: Stressed syllables on the sheets are guidelines only. If you have a better idea of how to sing the following, don't hesitate to ignore my suggestions.

You Had Your Chance

You Had Your Chance Lyrics Sheet.jpg

A song of patience pushed beyond all endurance and the vengeance that must follow.

Home at Last

Home at Last.png
Home at Last.png

Something from 'Battles of Samhain' (Coming soon.) It may not make much sense without context, but hopefully it'll prove catchy nonetheless. Alternatively, if context you'd prefer, plenty can be found here: (Link to BoS manual coming soon.)


I am Not Your Son

Home at Last.png
I'm Not Your Son Lyrics Sheet

The tale of a Prince, stolen from his bed as a baby by the enemies of his land, raised as one of their own and turned back against the people he was born to.


How Long we Held the Hill

I'm Not Your Son Lyrics Sheet
How Long we Held the Hill.jpg

Something from one of my stories. The lament of the last of a war-weary people whose war is coming to an end in the worst of ways.


City of Smiles


A properly depressing song about a soldier's ghastly homecoming.

Vieshkryl Feasting Song

Vieshkryl Feasting Song.png

Vieshkryl are always hungry, a fact reflected in much of their music.

Come Late to the Road


A song about the worst inner whispers, changing the facts around us as we make our way to the end. Sorry if these all seem a bit gloomy, there's a nicer one coming up next.

It's Okay


A song of love, as cheerful as the circumstances allow it to be.

The Red Lady

The Red Lady Lyrics Sheet.png

A song of a semi-mythical huntress from the 'All Merrily Through Hell Together' series. Legends tell of a crimson shadow in space, and evil cretins who die when it appears behind them.

Heed the Heart

Heed the Heart Lyrics Sheet.jpg

A song made in the aftermath of the Torth-Viesh and his people's flight from their doomed world, through the fallen, monstrous city of the Angels and to the world which became their new home, in the care of the Storyteller Goddess Allyahredd


World of Fury

World of Fury.png

I listened to Gloryhammer for two days and this happened. A song from the Accounts of the War of the Sea of Nothing, telling the tale of arch-rivals from various alternate realities converging on a doomed world to fight an apocalyptic final battle. It will make little sense out of context but will hopefully sound nifty in the right hands nonetheless.

Creations to Glory

Creations to Glory.bmp

Never underestimate the power or importance of fantasy.

The God of Pain's Displeasure

The God of Pain's Displeasure.bmp

There are those who choose to fight for the King of the Sea of Nothing, be it from fear, from the false hope that they shall be spared from his purge of the multiverse, or because they honestly believe all creation should be destroyed. Whatever their motives, to side against creation itself inevitably makes them powerful and unforgiving enemies. Here's the story of one, and how He saw fit to deal with traitors to all that exists. (A bit dark, this one.)

With Arrow and With Sword - Lyric Sheet.

With Arrow and with Sword

A straightforward scene; an undersized force of stalwarts facing the wrath of a Demon horde. They must stave off the onslaught or all they love is doomed.


Time's Teeth

Time's Teeth.bmp

Immortality doesn't save you from the depredations of time, it merely allows time to savor its meal for longer. Everything you are is worn away but you cannot die. Ever.


Shadows in Your Mind

Shadows in your Mind.bmp

One of my more cheerful songs, this one about a young swain who fell in love with the Demoness living inside his head, and now he must wait for the dithering snipes who've imprisoned him to finally kill him so that they might be together forever in death.


True Huntress

True Huntress.bmp

Because fuck fox hunting, amiright?


Hate Betrays Us

Hate Betrays Us.bmp

Something from the 'All Merrily Through Hell Together' series. I'm not sure how realistic this would be, but the notion of soldiers coming to the end of a long and terrible war and realising that they've not lost as much of themselves as they feared is an interesting one. Apologies if any offence is unwittingly given through this one.


House Rellecour

House Rellecour.bmp

It's never too late to start a new chapter in your life, especially if you're immortal.

Flesh Weaver.bmp

Flesh Weaver

A song of the Torth-Viesh, simultaneously a nightmarish Dark Lord and a champion fighting to preserve existence itself. He has forsaken few of his old ways, finding that they serve his purposes well enough in the endless war he must fight. Add to which, this particular example is how a great many of his innumerable children came into being.

We'll Have it Back Lyrics Sheet.bmp

We'll Have it Back

At the time of writing, this song is intended as a quasi-prophesy of better days following the end of this wretched Corvid-19 plague that plagues us with its plaguery. Apologies if it seems flippant in any way.

Destiny's Two.bmp

Destiny's Two

Something of a typical tale of two heroic types, chosen for a quest by the hand of fate or whatnot, who wind up falling in love in the process.

More than there seems, lyric sheet.bmp

More Than There Seems

Written for a friend; a song of encouragement with as Pagan an edge as I could give it.

Fire in your Eyes Lyric Sheet.bmp

Fire in Your Eyes

A villain's lust for vengeance has literally blinded him, and here's a song to mock him.

I want to be with you again lyric sheet.

I Want to be With You Again

Looking ahead to when this confounded covid-19 nonsense is behind us and we can go outside once again, to have back what matters and what torments by its absence.

Awaiting the Dark.jpg

Awaiting the Dark

To come into a person's home with violent intent excuses any violence they do to you in turn,

compound this with the fury of the court of Vampires who rule the land and perhaps you should

have stayed home.




The mythological origins of the Easter (Eostra?) Bunny, which I'vetold as best I can with my verses.