Lyric Sheets

Song lyrics for musical persons who have a wish for something new. They're free to use and you may use them how you wish on the following conditions:

* Give proper credit if used and link my website in your work's description, wherever it may be.

* Let me know (via email) if you use one of these.

You Had Your Chance

You Had Your Chance Lyrics Sheet.jpg

A song of patience pushed beyond all endurance and the vengeance that must follow.

Home at Last

Home at Last.png
Home at Last.png

Something from 'Battles of Samhain' (Coming soon.) It may not make much sense without context, but hopefully it'll prove catchy nonetheless. Alternatively, if context you'd prefer, plenty can be found here: (Link to BoS manual coming soon.)

I am Not Your Son

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I'm Not Your Son Lyrics Sheet

The tale of a Prince, stolen from his bed as a baby by the enemies of his land, raised as one of their own and turned back against the people he was born to.

How Long we Held the Hill

I'm Not Your Son Lyrics Sheet
How Long we Held the Hill.jpg

Something from one of my stories. The lament of the last of a war-weary people whose war is coming to an end in the worst of ways.

City of Smiles


A properly depressing song about a soldier's ghastly homecoming.

Vieshkryl Feasting Song

Vieshkryl Feasting Song.png

Vieshkryl are always hungry, a fact reflected in much of their music.

Come Late to the Road


A song about the worst inner whispers, changing the facts around us as we make our way to the end. Sorry if these all seem a bit gloomy, there's a nicer one coming up next.

It's Okay


A song of love, as cheerful as the circumstances allow it to be.