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A few gifts to give you an idea of what form my writing tends to take and help you see whether or not it's worth your time.

Nellack and Caleara

New narrative poem readings every weekend/year, please like and subscribe, if it please ye.

Something from 2015, Nellack and Caleara is a narrative poetic tale about two young people, each facing unbearable futures, who flee their homes and wind up running into each other within the Wending Wood, then together they must face the future which fate has chosen for them.

Free eBook version available here:

(Accompanying notes included.)

Heroine's Saga

Spawned from a chance run in with a free Quest for Glory style adventure game of quality and far too much free time granted by far too many bus trips, I twisted together this fan-tribute for Crystal Shard's 'Heroine's Quest'.

Be warned, I give away the vast majority of the game's plot so if you're looking to play it, do so first before listening to this. (You really should play it, it's free and well worth your time. Links underneath video)

All music in this production is from the game, composed by Matthew Chastney and Dmitrii Zavorotny.

© Crystal Shard 2013. No copyright infringement intended.

Strength from the Day

A quasi-sorcerous mantra drawn from the elements and/or aspects of any given day, designed to bolster spirits in troublesome times, compounded by nifty tunes. This is a tricky one to do a description for, but it'll make sense once you watch it.

Narrative Poems

Stories told through verse, click the links below to have a read.


The dying lament of a dispossessed noble, sentenced to die for using mind altering chemicals to transform his world into a slave-state.

Cheating a bit with this one, this is a song telling the story of a Demoness in a statue and a youth who spent centuries on fire... yes.

The grim tale of a succubus who ensnared a young Knight, and through him snared a thousand more.

The pragmatism of vampirism, or lack thereof.

A quest through five horrific and all too tempting caves.

The ever-uncertain tale of the one who bears the thirsty cloak, the Feaster of the Slicing Squeeze.

Should emotions betray a person, becoming twisted and harmful, choice may become the only chance for decency to endure.

Second chances do not come to everyone. Anyone lucky enough to be granted one must never waste it.

If you ask me, society shouldn't really be pestered by angry, violent man-children. (Inspired by recent travesties in Charlottesville)

Two strangers meet on a tram. One is hungry, the other is edible... and polite.

'You will linger on for a seeming eternity in this pod. No chance meteor shall strike it, no ship shall see you through its reflective shield, no malfunction from within shall disrupt our work of statuary, the pod will do whatever is necessary to keep running and keep you alive in this state, you will go on... by now the jape has likely ceased to amuse us, by now all have probably forgotten you, but you will go on.'

An illegal Artificial Intelligence's husband was murdered, compelling her to remake society so that such a thing will never happen again.

Christmas with Grandmother (Audio)

A lovely Christmas story about family, monsters and nightmarish deaths. (I'm being completely serious when I say it's lovely... you'll see what I mean.)

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