30 Day Song Challenge

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During April 2020, I wound up stumbling across a #30DaySongChallenge; the gist was that following a list of daily prompts, people would highlight relevant songs that they liked on social media. Creative types put their own spin on it however and for my part it became 30 days of lyric sheets, shown here from one to thirty.

Can't Escape the Red

Can't Escape the Red.bmp

Prompt one: A song about a colour. Be warned, this one's downright grim and grisly.


Just One

Just One.bmp

Prompt two: A song about a number. You'll find I get a bit loose with how I interpret the prompts.


Flesh Herons

Flesh Herons.bmp

Prompt three: A song about an animal. This is a song about featherless herons who fight crime... to be glib.


Why Aren't You Me?

Why Aren't You Me.bmp

Prompt four: A song in 5/4. Easier said than done when working with lyrics alone, but here's something that should technically work, I think. I took the opportunity to rant at the inner voices.


You Might End a Life

You might end a life.bmp

Prompt Five: Parody an existing song. This is a twisting of the Fray's 'How to Save a Life' which carries the message: Stay the fuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One Axe on the Bridge

One Axe on the Bridge.bmp

Prompt Six: A song set in another time. Here's a song of a legend from the battle of Stamford Bridge, about how a lone Viking held off the entire English army alone on the bridge, killing 40 or so men, before a crafty fellow snuck below the bridge and poked him most saliently inwards with his spear. (Also, because I forgot to write it on the sheet: Copyright (C) 2020 Richard Paul)


Ten Circles Dance

Ten Circles Dance.bmp

Prompt Seven: A song set in our current place in history: Considering that at the time of writing it's the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, bollocks to that. Here's a song about a holiday of good cheer I made up. Close enough.




Prompt Eight: A song about falling in love. Unfortunately, I'm me.


Ring Around the Corpse-Fire

Ring Around the Corpse Fire.bmp

Prompt Nine: A song that makes you want to dance. Now we come to something reasonably cheerful after the last one. Sort of. A bit. Maybe. Hmm.




Prompt Ten: A song that reminds you of family. This song's a mite generic, but sincere at least.


I'm Not Letting Go

I'm Not Letting Go.bmp

Prompt eleven: A song from the perspective of a best friend. This one is my attempt to be heartwarming. Here's hoping.


Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece.bmp

Prompt Twelve: A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget. I thought of my old high school cookery teacher and this came to mind. (Be warned, it's a bit grisly.)


A Writer I was Meant to Be


Prompt Thirteen: Rewrite an old song. Very well, here's a writer-themed take on 'A Pirate I was Meant to Be' from 'The Curse of Monkey Island.' If you don't know that song, shame on thee!

A writer I was meant to be a.bmp



Prompt Fourteen: A song with as much harmony as you can manage...... uhh, sure. It's long. Does that count?

As Saint Rackham Teaches

Prompt Fifteen: A song about drugs or alcohol: I thought back to my university days and added the quasi-deified Calico Jack from my 'All Merrily Through Hell Together' Universe

As Saint Rackham Teaches.bmp


Prompt Sixteen: A 'Sexy' Song - I'm so sorry... I'm sorry for everything.



Prompt Seventeen: A song about science: A mite predictable perhaps considering the times, but I figured that viruses warranted scorn right now, and sooner or later this will apply to Covid-19. Also it might irk a passing anti-vaxxer 



Prompt Eighteen: A melody that sounds as good backwards... Sure.

Wasn't going to do any instrumentals of any kind, but the prompt demanded and this isn't the one I plan on ignoring so here we are. I dug out me ol' Tin whistley and made this simple tune, split in half and played backwards for the second part. Make of it what you will.


Here's me a'whistling.

Go Summon Up The Whispers

Prompt Nineteen: A song to travel to. I tried to make this both catchy and nostalgic and pleasant and peaceful and all that nice stuff.

Go Summon Up The Whispers.bmp

Day After Foolish Day

Prompt Twenty: A breakup song. Half-remembered grimness twisted into fiction and done halfheartedly, truth to tell.

Day After Foolish Day.bmp

Lindisfarne's Shadow

Prompt Twenty-One: A song about a place. For the record I'm not really accusing the monks at Lindisfarne of anything.

Lindisfarne's Shadow.bmp

Eyes in the Ghostly Oaks

Prompt Twenty-Two: A song about nighttime. Ehh, close enough. A song about thieves in the darkness, a less than pleasant lot.

Eyes in the Ghostly Oaks.bmp


Prompt Twenty-Three: A song that feels like a hug. A hug and a series of extended middle fingers perhaps.

4 49AM.bmp

For Coretanima, Time and Again

Prompt Twenty-Four: A song about your best moment. Well I didn't wish to put such a thing to verse so here's this weirdness instead.

For Coretanima, Again and Again.bmp

If The Heart Fails

If he Heart Fails.bmp

Prompt Twenty-Five: A song about your worse moment: See above. This one's a bit more serious at least.


Ours to Decide

Prompt Twenty-Six: A song with impressive vocals. Well I'd hope that applies to more than just this one. It's based on a less than pleasant part of my 'All Merrily Through Hell Together' series, be warned, tis a mite vulgar (and doesn't reflect the actual opinions of the lyricist).

Ours to Decide.bmp

Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year.bmp

Prompt Twenty-Seven: A song in iambic pentameter. Not a great deviation from my usual doings i suspect. Anyway, here's a pleasant sinagamajig about the Pagan wheel of the year.


More Than Life Itself

Prompt Twenty-Eight: A song inspired by a cliche: And because it's me I involved despair and demons.

More than Life Itself.bmp

Day of The Fiends

Prompt Twenty-Nine: A song with a plot twist. People often find unexpected twists when the Vieshkyrl start tearing through their city, that's almost a pun... never mind.

Day of the Fiends.bmp

Three Kingdoms

Prompt Thirty: A song not on your usual instrument: The last one would be awkward, wouldn't it? I took to bandlab and twisted together as nifty a thing as I could with seven instruments that aren't my usual and this was the result.