Such a Merry Day Today

Such a Merry Day Today.jpg

It's often easier for the exploited poor to remain patient and not disturb what peace they can find in their lives, even as those above them bestow one pain after another. When their patience is pushed beyond enduring, however, the results can be horrendous indeed.

Hold on Till the First Dawn

Hold on Till the First Dawn.jpg

The multiverse has given them one last chance to cast out their curse. Nothing can go wrong this time, no matter what.

Loki's Enigma

Loki's Enigma.jpg

His mythology may well paint a far more complex nature than is generally thought.


The Screams' Pawn

The Screams' Pawn.jpg

Sometimes there's no choice nor chance but to be meat for a monster.

Shall We Dance, My Love?

Shall we Dance, my Love.jpg

You can get used to almost anything eventually, even repeated attempts by cretins to murder

you and yours.


Dance in the Fire

Dance in the Fire.jpg

They probably don't mean that literally... probably... maybe.




There's a common notion that eternal life must bring with it a crushing weariness and a longing

for the grave. Eritha would disagree.