The Morsel Vault



We have brought with us a handful of artifacts from realities either doomed or destroyed. They should be safe here. More shall be added to the vault as more are collected.

Athame rmepaul

The Storyteller's Blade

In truth, this artifact is one of our own. Gifted by Allyahredd to Her Shadows, we each carry one of these blades and use the sharpened crystal blade to draw out the tiniest sliver of a person's soul. They will not notice any change, whatever the fate of said soul may be, but we take with the sliver all the most salient memories and feelings of the individual. There is always a story which can be put together from these.

Exhemenkranix rmepaul
Exhemenkranix rmepaul

On a world with an name unpronounceable by humans (Hgnbnvdfrahgrggallishran), this talisman was used to focus the last of that world's magical energy to form the portal by which the few survivors of the Void war escaped to a new and unknown realm. Once the last of them had fled, one of our own, who had been watching the desperate scene, quickly snatched this now powerless device and brought it safely back to our vault, as testament to a lost world and a people saved through it.

The Exhemenkranix


The Demon's Tooth

Once upon a time, a valorous knight slew a murderous demon who had escaped from the local hellish realm and was wreaking havoc upon the land. This knight took the demon's head back to his young king who had the questionable idea to forge a necklace from one of the demon's teeth to grant his betrothed as an engagement gift. The Princess in question, who had something of a macabre streak, loved the gift, right up until she touched the tooth itself with one curious finger. The slightest touch sent her soul screaming to hell and her body fell down lifeless, her face displaying a constant visage of terror which somehow endured even as her buried body decomposed.

You'd think we'd have been able to find a use for such a tool, but we did not. Thus we have hidden it somewhere on your world. Unlikely though this is, if you ever chance upon it, leave it well alone or better yet, hide it without touching the tooth.


The Wedding Ring of Lady Faen

On an ancient world, which had all but forgotten war and strife due to the sheer collective, racial world-weariness of its people, there existed a kingdom below the titanic city of Carnadon, populated by a kind yet skittish people who, with the notable exception of the aforementioned Lady Faen, shunned the surface and lived off of whatever the world below afforded them. This ring was one passed down from mother to daughter over many generations, forged of fire-hardened mudstone and decorated with brightroot sap with an unknown, asymmetrical stone set atop it.

Amulet of Arkansalusnraish

The Amulet of Arkansalvsnraish

Named for the Shadow who found and brought it home, here is a horrid, teasing thing we find in our possession. The seers of our shadowy order have confirmed that this humble stone has been imbued with

memories and lore from a thousand worlds spread over ten separate realities. This could possibly be a relic from fabled Azlir, an alliance of entire dimensions which gave the greatest challenge to the Void and its presumed King for thousands of years, only to finally fail and fall. The information in this stone, held on your world for safekeeping, could contain a thousand, thousand stories,to say nothing of the lore and learning within which could be invaluable to the war effort.

The second we access any of this information however is the second the ever watchful Void would take notice of your world, and likely as not it would devour it and in due course the reality it inhabits, just to rid the multiverse of the final slivers of greater worlds it had already consumed. So, here we keep this treasure, unusable and useless, a paltry necklace.